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Damascus Heritage Barn

Members of the Damascus Manor Community Center Group (DMCC) sponsored the Damascus Play and Heritage Barn project.

Heading up the project were Marian Schweighofer, DMCC president, and Noah Baen, DMCC artistic director. With Mr. Baen's knowledge of art to give the project its artistic aura, and Mrs. Schweighofer's sense of culture and compilation efforts, the Heritage Barn has become a wonderful and unique building.

The Heritage Barn, completed in 1998, is located at the Damascus Township Recreational Park, located along Conklin Hill Road in Damascus. This replica barn reflects the heritage of the community. The barn was constructed using traditional old-time building methods and tools, and products of local historic landmarks of the area. Wooden beams were sawed at the Hill Saw Mill in Lookout. Paint used was made from the old paint mine on Paint Mine Road in Damascus. A play structure is incorporated into the barn to keep the children informed of and involved in their heritage for generations to come.

Farming has been the dominant livelihood of Damascus Township for generations. The collection of heritage, culture and history reflected in the old barns of the community is visible in this unique structure. In an attempt to preserve this culture, barn building techniques of yore and the legacy of Damascus, the Damascus Play and Heritage Barn Project came to life.

Funding for this project was made available through a grant by the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts, administered by the Monroe County Arts Council.

Residents and visitors alike are encouraged to enjoy and learn from this extraordinary project.